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DSEI Connect

Our range of editorial features provides written and video insights from different parts of the Defence industry. Whether your interest is in strategic development, international markets, SME innovation or future operational requirements, there is something for everyone. 

News & Insights

News SpeakerphoneDiscover the latest Defence industry news and insights, including our post-event reviews from our Forces Focus meetings with each of the Front Line Commands. 


News and Insights 

In Conversation With

 A series of video interviews with senior military and government representatives, exploring the primary concerns and development focuses of the UK MoD. Providing the entire supply chain with insight into current and future requirements.

Video Library

Keynote Callback

 A series of videos that looks at a highlights reel of one of the keynote talks from DSEI 2021 and offers commentary on industry developments since September 2021, providing listeners with a timely insight into the shifting landscape of Defence development at the highest level.


Keynote Discussions

DA: Defence Abroad

 A series of short written articles from Defence Attaches around the world that outline the top key insights that businesses should know when doing business with the Defence industry in the DA’s country. 


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