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10 Jan 2023

ICW... Sir Richard Knighton


Theme: Next Generation Air Force


Now, as the new Deputy Commander Capability, Sir Richard Knighton will be responsible for delivering the RAF Strategy through people, equipment, digital, training, infrastructure and support to ensure the Service can deliver air and space power for the nation and project power and influence around the world.  He will also help to plan for the Next Generation Air Force and ongoing support to future outputs, by prioritising projects and setting long-term infrastructural and training programmes.


It is therefore vital that the Royal Air Force, Space Command, and all other front-line commands begin to develop optimised capability systems; encompassing both current and future capabilities, to maintain operational advantage. The journey towards implementing this is complex and requires a focus, not just on the tools required, but the Next Generation of leaders. Air Marshal Richard Knighton Deputy Commander of Capability and People, joins Air Vice Marshal Gary Waterfall to discuss this pressing topic.

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