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20 Apr 2022

ICW... Rear Admiral Tex Marshall

Talent management is not a new subject for the Defence engineering sector, but it is an increasingly vital one as the future of multi-domain warfare changes in line with technological developments. Defence Engineers continue to find themselves tasked with designing, manufacturing, operating, maintaining and managing increasingly complex systems at the leading edge of technology alongside the rapid evolution of the sustainability and ethics agenda.  This requires a resilient, diverse and agile workforce who are comfortable operating in the information age, as the UK increases the use of science, technology and data.  As part of the biggest programme of investment in Defence since the end of the Cold War, the Defence sector must therefore re-align its thinking, to attract and leverage the right people and develop their skills to meet the demands of modern military operations.

Rear Admiral Marshall joins us in his capacity as the UK’s Defence Engineering Champion, to discuss what that re-alignment looks like and his vision for the future of Defence engineering skills.

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