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05 Aug 2022

ICW... Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey

"If we want a bigger bite of the global space economy in the future, we need to better understand talent acquisition and retention throughout the industry"

Themes: Space domain awareness and skills.


As a vital aspect of MDI, it’s essential that those operating in the Space domain work closely with allies and partners to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what is needed from, and occurring in, space. This encompasses not only operational capabilities and threat vectors, but also blended force training to enable full and agile use of those capabilities.


As the future of multi-domain warfare changes in line with technological developments, it’s a challenge to attract and leverage the right people and develop their skills to meet the demands of modern military operations. As one of the fastest growing sectors within Defence, and without the advantage of an established talent intake process, how is UK Space Command delivering fully agile and supportive capabilities?


Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey OBE joins us to discuss the challenges and solutions to standing up a rapidly developing military domain.

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