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  •   Theme: Next Generation Air Force   Now, as the new Deputy Commander Capability, Sir Richard Knighton will be responsible for delivering the RAF Strategy through people, equipment, digital, training, ...
  • ICW... Anna Keeling

    07 Nov 2022
    "This is a time for industry to collaborate, not compete"
  • "If we want a bigger bite of the global space economy in the future, we need to better understand talent acquisition and retention throughout the industry"
  • "What the roadmap looks like is becoming confident in forecasting what technology will drive into future skills, and shaping the curricula to start people's academic careers from an earlier age."
  • "The more the actors are understood, the more tailored the counter measures can be made, and the more effective they will be."
  • “Climate change is a national security issue. If it’s ignored, it’s not going to go away – it will still be a national security issue.”
  • “If you draw a line on a map, and that line doesn’t include the entire globe – including cyber space – then you haven’t included all the domains.”
  • "Look at what Elon Musk can do, and SpaceX. Can you imagine how it would be reported if we designed a rocket and unfortunately didn’t get off the launch pad?"
  • The special advisor to SACT on Innovation for NATO shares his thoughts on the need for innovative technologies, and tackling the roadblocks on the route to market.