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Royal Air Force: Exploring Human-Machine Teaming

Following the Royal Navy (RN)’s first edition of Forces Focus events, which bring the industry and military together to help tackle challenges identified by each Front Line Command (FLC), the Royal Air Force (RAF) hosted the second part of the series. They built on the ideas from RN’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) discussions to explore Human-Machine Teaming (HMT) opportunities for the RAF. HMT is the effective integration of humans, robotics and warfighter systems although it extends much further in the military aviation context. It has the potential to transfer the future of battlespace but it comes with a set of problems and roadblocks.



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Challenge to Industry

The first step of the Forces Focus programme was a Challenge to Industry. During the course of this video, the Air Vice-Marshal Lincoln Taylor explained the challenges they are currently facing and which they want input from the industry to help solve.

Watch Air Vice-Marshal Lincoln Taylor's Challenge to Industry

Live Roundtable Discussion

The challenge was followed by an in-person meeting of around 40 industry representatives. A series of roundtable discussions addressed different aspects of human-machine teaming. This allowed the industry to get more details in order to propose useful solutions.

Online Webinar

In the third month of the programme, everyone is invited to join a webinar during which the Royal Air Force will share key insights from the live event discussions, host a panel, look at the next steps and hold a Q&A session with the participants. 

Royal Navy: AI, Machine Learning & the Maritime Operating Concept

The new Maritime Operating Concept that the Royal Navy has developed requires a step-change in networked and distributed sensors to enhance operational modular capability. 

One of the four key pillars guiding this is the use of autonomous systems, and the digital backbone required to exploit them. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a critical aspect of development, providing rapid intelligence analysis and decision advantage.  They will enable a modular, flexible and interchangeable capability which is both more agile and more efficient.

This Forces Focus event was the industry's opportunity to understand the objectives and target specific areas to engage with, ensuring maximum impact from their solutions.