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Forces Focus: Dstl

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Challenge around sustainability of operations in a changing climate

Climate Change is a threat to every part of society, and Defence is no different. Even if net zero targets are met and we’re able to hold global temperature increases to +1.5 degrees, the world will look and feel very different. The MOD may face conflict in new areas, with new adversaries and be forced to fight in different ways. Given the long lead times for some of our capabilities, we must also be prepared for global temperatures to be +2-4 degrees, which could fundamentally and radically change the operating environment we currently know.

To maintain operation advantage in a climate changed world, Defence will need to harness innovation to adapt and mitigate the key risks associated with climate change. Right through from assessing and predicting the problem space, to delivering solutions that will keep our battle winning edge.










Challenge to Industry

FF Call to Action

The first step of the Forces Focus programme is a Challenge to Industry. During the course of this video Thomas Odell, Senior Principle Advisor - Climate Change and Sustainability and James Clare, Director of Climate Change, explain the challenges they are currently facing and which they want input from the industry to help solve.

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Live Roundtable Discussion


The challenge will be followed by an in-person meeting of around 40 industry representatives. A series of roundtable discussions addressed different aspects of sustainability. This will enable the industry to get more details in order to propose useful solutions.

Online Panel Discussion

MIso Meeting

In the third month of the programme, Dstl will join us for an exclusive video discussion highlighting the key challenges and opportunities surrounding climate change and sustainability.

Watch Below

Watch Dstl's Panel on Sustainability & Climate Change

Join Dstl's sustainability experts alongside a UK MoD speaker as they uncover the challenges and opportunities presented through Dstl's approach to sustainability and climate change.

  • Tom Odell, Dstl Principal Advisor for Climate Change and Sustainability,
  • Linda Knutsen, Dstl Exploration Division Head & Dstl Exec Member
  • Gp Capt Jamie Miller, Head of Capability, MOD Directorate of Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Rear Adm (Retd.) Jon Pentreath, Military Advisor, Clarion

The primary objectives of the panel discussion include:

  •  The MODs Strategic Approach to Climate Change
  •  Dstl’s role in Defence
  • How to the Dstl Support & Sustainability Programme is responding to the Climate Change challenge
  • How Dstl want to work in partnership with industry

Watch the panel and discover new insight directly from the UK MoD.