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Exploring Human-Machine Teaming opportunities for the RAF's future capability

Human Machine Teaming (HMT) is the effective integration of humans, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics into warfighting systems. Rapid technological advances in these areas will combine to enable HMT to transform the future battlespace by accelerating the speed with which systems, commanders and warfighters can Sense, Decide and Effect. HMTs will revolutionise not only the equipment with which we fight but how we fight across the spectrum of conflict and levels of command. 

It is therefore vital that the Royal Air Force starts now to develop optimised HMT, encompassing both current and future capabilities, to maintain the operational advantage. The journey towards implementing effective HMT is complex and must be undertaken in partnership with industry so that knowledge and expertise can be shared between the supplier and customer. This event will start to develop a common understanding of the problem sets, opportunities and challenges to start delivering HMT concepts and solutions.

Forces Focus is an opportunity for SMEs and non-traditional Defence suppliers to meet with Front-Line Commands, discuss their requirements and develop new ways of working that can help drive innovation for current and future projects. Forces Focus will offer sustained engagement and provide new perspectives and learning opportunities to crowd-source solutions for problems and roadblocks that hinder the development of key programmes and capabilities. Each FLC in turn will host a Forces Focus programme around a particular area of interest.

Challenge to Industry

Challenge to Industry - About

The first step of the Forces Focus programme was a Challenge to Industry.

During the course of this video, the Air Vice Marshall Lincoln Taylor explained the challenges they are currently facing and which they want input from the industry to help solve.

Watch Air Vice Marshall Lincoln Taylor's Challenge to Industry.

Live Roundtable Discussion

The challenge was followed by an in-person meeting of around 40 industry representatives. A series of roundtable discussions addressed different aspects of human-machine teaming. This allowed the industry to get more details in order to propose useful solutions.

When was it: 23 May 2022, London

Forces Focus Round Table

Online Webinar


Online Webinar - About

In the third month of the programme, everyone is invited to join a webinar during which the Royal Air Force will share key insights from the live event discussions, host a panel, look at the next steps and hold a Q&A session with the participants. 

Watch the Online Webinar from 04 July 2022.