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MISO is a free digital event, providing the Defence industry with informative and thought-provoking moments throughout the year, as senior voices share their challenges and operational requirements. The platform publishes year-round premium content focused on innovative technologies and future needs from the global Defence community, enabling better collaboration between military and industry in order to meet present and future threats, all included in your membership when you sign up.


AI & STRATEGY: Thursday 26th January, 2023

Join us from 09:45-16:30 on Thursday 26th January, 2023 as we bring together the Ministry of Defence, Front Line Commands (FLCs), academic experts and leading-industry experts on the discussions of AI & Strategy in Defence.

In June 2022, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) launched its Defence AI Strategy. The strategy has a clear structure, with aims and objectives that are designed to drive the success of AI in defence. Though, like with everything in this sector, there are a number of threats posed when utilising AI. It is essential to face these and meet the challenge head on, and the MoD intends to do so via research, development and experimentation to ensure AI is relevant and effective across the spectrum of geopolitical competition and conflict.

With this strategy, it is promised that AI will be used in a way that will promote:

‘Security, stability and democratic values’

(Defence AI Strategy, MoD, 2022)





The strategic advantage of AI is outlined in the strategy through its plans to prepare for, understand and overcome threats from adversaries. This is an advantage created by the most innovative concepts and cutting-edge technologies that the military will exploit to guarantee success. Yet, the reliance on technological capabilities brings into question how secure and stable AI truly is, when faced with a range of threats ranging from phishing attacks to cyber espionage. At the same time, democratic values and principles are held at the core of the AI strategy as it guarantees that AI will represent the best interest of society, but the question of how democratic functions work alongside AI capabilities in defence needs to be strongly considered.

With these points in mind, this event will attempt to answer the question: how do we ensure that the use of AI in defence will promote security, stability and democratic values?


  • How does democracy play a part in the evolution and progression of AI?
  • Who does AI effect and how do we ensure it is used for the benefit of society?
  • What are the weaknesses of AI when it comes to data and cybersecurity? How can we prevent a cyber-war happening?
  • The relationship between AI and defence; how is it utilised and how will we make sure it helps us overcome adversaries?

This one-day virtual conference will discuss these questions, with the goal of answering how the strategic use of AI in defence is secure, stable and democratic. Bringing together leading practitioners, developers and academics, MISO aims to inspire thought and discuss current affairs and issues in the lead up to DSEI 2023.

Sign-up for free to join our discussion on the Defence AI Strategy, with deep-dive panel discussions from senior military officials, case study presentations and selected product demonstrations.



AI & INNOVATION: Thursday 17 November, 2022


The UK MoD is committed to modernising and strengthening defence through innovation. This is seen as ‘mission critical’ and to get there involves a fundamental shift in the attitudes of the defence and industry sectors. AI is seen as the driver of today’s innovation however, trust in AI remains low in defence and it has now become fundamental that AI, Machine Learning and human interface are an accepted norm.


  • What does this mean for the future of innovation in Defence?
  • How will the supply chain be affected?
  • What role will civil innovation play in this strategy?
  • And how can we ensure front-line end users truly trust the new AI technologies they will be encouraged to use?

Connect with senior military officials, academic experts and industry pioneers during this one-day virtual conference. Explore the conversations around the integration of AI-led innovation in the defence and industry sector, bringing together leading practitioners, developers and academics to discuss this timely issue.





A career in defence is like no other. The opportunities offered are vast, exciting and important. As the nature of warfare and threat evolves, talent management becomes vital in ensuring UK defence has the capability, skills and workforce to meet the demands of modern military operations.  

This one-day virtual conference explored the conversations around modifying the defence career mindset. Unpacking relatively fixed career paths and traditional talent management approaches, against a backdrop of increasing competition to attract talent and address skills shortages. The influence of accelerated digital innovation in evolving digital skills capability required, and building a dynamic workforce culture continuously equipping personnel with new skills to confront new and unexpected threats.

What does all this mean in terms of recruiting, retaining and developing talent? This one-day virtual MISO conference discussed the latest developments in defence's approach to re-align its thinking around talent management via high-ranking keynote interviews, deep dive panel discussions from senior military officials, case study presentations and selected product demonstrations through an interactive TV production format.