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AI & Rapid Development

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AI & Rapid Development

In light of the current geopolitical climate, rapid delivery is essential for our armed forces to defend the nation against adversary threats. As defence becomes ‘AI ready’, we must ensure that AI is not only innovative and transformative, but quickly available for military operations in case of potential crises.

Considering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, it is clear how important it is to be prepared and equipped in times of need. Rapid delivery in defence consists of a range of different aspects, from the deployment of troops, the pace of medical care to the transportation of arms and weaponry. Not only is AI its own trajectory, but it has the ability to speed up all of these processes, overall making defence more efficient and effective.


How does AI fit into rapid delivery?

The Defence AI Strategy aims for defence to have a ‘rapid and systematic adoption of AI’, encouraging the practical but fast deployment of AI. The strategy outlines to ‘adopt and exploit AI at pace and scale for Defence advantage’.

To have immediate and effective defence strategies, we must have a range of technologies available to utilise at the drop of a hat. Simultaneously, we need to ensure that defence is dedicating time to develop and transform AI in ground-breaking ways in order to stay the ‘best in class’ and deliver operational capability and advantage. These two notions are labelled ‘AI Now’ and ‘AI Next’ in the Defence AI Strategy, and though they seem contradictory, together they are essential to ensuring defence can sustain rapid delivery when utilising AI.

This conference will look at these points, analysing how we will ensure rapid delivery with AI and questioning the methods of doing so. The main topic areas will be:

  • How is defence utilising current AI programmes and building partnerships in the private sector?
  • What AI systems are currently in place supporting real time decision-making and operational capabilities?
  • What does the future of AI look like and how are we acquiring it in a timely and effective way?
  • How are we ensuring rapid delivery throughout the supply chain and encouraging more collaboration and communication?

This one-day virtual conference will discuss these questions, with the goal of answering how the use of AI in defence encourages rapid delivery. Bringing together leading practitioners, developers and academics, DSEI Connect aims to inspire thought and discuss current affairs and issues in the lead up to DSEI 2023.

Sign-up to join our discussion on the Defence AI and Rapid Delivery, with deep-dive panel discussions from senior military officials, case study presentations and selected product demonstrations.