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In Conversation With

DSEI Connect

In Conversation With

In Conversation With is a series of video interviews with senior
military and government representatives, exploring the primary
concerns and development focuses of the UK MoD and providing the
entire supply chain with insight into current and future requirements.



Latest Interview: Hetti Barkworth-Nanton

Achieving an integrated force – the theme of DSEI 2023 – is not just about integration between military arms, but also between government and industry. Ploughshare occupies a unique position in straddling that line, tasked with the commercialization of government innovations, and can provide a fresh perspective on the challenges and imperatives that are bringing both sides closer together.

Join Air Vice Marshal Gary Waterfall as he discusses the development of procurement and rapid delivery to achieve an integrated market with Hetti Barkworth-Nanton, CEO, Ploughshare.

DSEI Connect works with the UK MoD to identify key future challenges for the defence & Security sector, providing a range of  live and on-demand discussion forums and insight pieces for you to engage with. Once registered, all attendees become DSEI Connect Club Members, with access to the entire on-demand content library, the ability to attend future events easily from the DSEI Connect Hub, and networking opportunities during events that connects you with defence & security professionals around the world.

Once the DSEI Connect Content Hub has been launched you will be able to view all previously released content and a schedule of upcoming releases.